The Coffee Drink

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Coffee is a drink that can be consumed hot or cold. In fact it is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the whole world and one of the most widely traded commodities.

The coffee drink comes from coffee cherries which grow on trees in Africa, Southern Asia and Latin America. The cherries house the seeds which are known as coffee beans (although not actually a true bean) and it is these beans that are roasted to make the drink. The degree to which the beans are roasted affects the flavour of the final drink. Different varieties of the evergreen coffee tree (Coffea) are grown and the most prized is Coffea Arabica which is grown commercially. Coffea canephora (robusta) is also a widely grown variety and it is more resistant to disease than the Arabica.

The drink produced from the beans is very dark and has an acidic flavour and a stimulating effect on the human body. This stimulating effect comes from the caffeine content and it is the caffeine that also gives the bitter taste. Caffeine is the plant’s natural herbivore and omnivore deterrent. Caffeine levels vary between the different coffee varieties. Arabica contains far less than robusta. Caffeine was first isolated from coffee by Friedlieb Runge in 1820.

Coffee drinking has been around for hundreds of years and the first country of origin was Ethiopia. The popularity of coffee spread from the Muslim countries to the rest of the world and there are no signs that people are tiring of it.

Coffee is served in many ways these days. Café’s offer a sometimes bewildering selection from espresso, cappuccino, American and latte to iced coffee or decaf.

The most expensive coffee and rare coffee is Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee. Civets are very good at picking out the best coffee cherries and the seeds contained in them pass through the animal unhurt. The seeds are then collected and turned into coffee. Although perhaps the best coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak is controversial because in many cases the animals are farmed and caged, and animal cruelty has been witnesses, making the product unethical for a lot of people. » Read more: The Coffee Drink

Learn About the Features and Benefits of Having the Keurig B3000SE Coffee Maker in Your Office

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One of the giants of the commercial coffee brewing industry is the Keurig B3000SE. This is the choice of businesses who want to meet their workers coffee and hot drink needs without being an eyesore or distraction. If this is what you are looking for in a coffee machine, then the Keurig B3000SE is sure to meet all your needs, as we will discuss further.

It is a single cup brewing system that will suit any business or café that would need to cater to 30 people or more. It comes with a handy LCD panel, that gives you instructions along the way. These instructions come in English, Spanish and French and take you through the full process of brewing your coffee. This is a handy feature for companies who have a multi-language workplace or a roadside café that deals with all sorts of coffee drinkers.

There is a bit of variety over what sort of beverage you can choose. Not only do you get the standard coffee, cappuccino and espresso, but as it supplies a stream of hot water you also have the option to make your own preferred water based hot drink.

This leads on nicely to one of the best economic and time saving features of the Keurig B3000SE. You can connect it up to your businesses own water line and this way the machine will brew a cup of coffee every 60 seconds, definitely a must if you find that people want coffee at similar times.

The waste factor is also addressed with the B3000SE. Keurig has included a 35 cup bin. So much in the way it instantly provides you with a cup, you can have this instantly disposed of in the included bin. The bin itself can be expanded and have a 70 cup capacity bin installed instead. When the bin is full the machine will tell you that you need to empty it. This is a great time saver as well as you know you only need to have it emptied every 35 or 70 brews.

For the workers that prefer to use their own large mug for their coffee or hot beverage, the drip tray can be removed to accommodate this need. This also allows for easier cleaning and keeping your Keurig B3000SE as clean and hygienic as possible. This is important if the machine is going to be placed in the heart of your office. If you are looking to make money back on your investment or want to keep costs down, the Keurig can be easily turned into a vending style coffee machine. You can charge anything in $.05 fractions. The machine accepts dimes, quarters and nickels. » Read more: Learn About the Features and Benefits of Having the Keurig B3000SE Coffee Maker in Your Office